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Space News & Space Science News

Spaceflight, still in its infancy, promises Mankind the ability to one day travel to the stars and colonize other planets. While we are far from achieving this lofty goal, the pace of space exploration is accelerating. With the formation of The Spaceship Company by Sir Richard Branson and Burt Rutan and subsequent construction of SpaceShipTwo, private sector commercial suborbital flight will commence.

The long-anticipated manned exploration of Mars is actively being pursued. With visionary groups of citizens and scientists like The Mars Society and President Bush’s new space initiative for NASA driving the effort, it appears the goal is coming within reach.

New technologies are spawning the next generation of ground-based and space telescopes capable of observing the most distant corners of the universe, both in space and time. Telescopes such as these promise to provide astrophysicists and quantum theorists with the information they require to begin unlocking the most fundamental secrets of the universe.

These space activities and their outcomes are all tremendous newsmaking topics which present us with a daily supply of space, space science, spaceflight, astronomy and astrophysics news stories. Our goal is to introduce you to the most direct and up-to-date sources for online space news and space science news through which you can acquire these news stories as they break. The quest for space and unlocking the secrets of the universe do not excite everyone, but if they excite you, a periodic visit to this page will enable you to satisfy your quest for space knowledge.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 28 August 2005.

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