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Earthquakes & Seismology

Earthquakes are one of a handful of natural disasters that occur virtually without warning. State-of-the-art seismic prediction methods provide at best only vague probabilities of occurrence, with certainties measured in decades. Yet earthquakes take place every day; a year without a major, devastating quake in some part of the world is both fortunate and rare.

The vast majority of earthquakes are a natural consequence of plate tectonics, a mechanism through which the Earth’s crust has been broken into large plates riding on convection currents within the Earth’s fluid mantle. Tectonic plates, which are created along ocean ridges (sea floor spreading) and sink at their edges (subduction), do not move uniformly in either direction or speed; where they rub at their boundaries, tremendous stress is produced. The sudden release of this stress — the potential energy stored within deformed rock being converted into the kinetic energy of seismic waves — is what we call an earthquake.

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