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Earth Sciences Reference Sites

Earth sciences reference sites and website directories serve as valuable information resources to earth sciences students and researchers as well as internet users with a casual interest in the earth sciences. An earth sciences reference site contains a large volume of information whose ownership and scope of responsibility may be either internal or external to the organization maintaining the site. Furthermore, such sites may contain multiple information formats such as documents, photographs, diagrams, video clips, audio clips, data sets and hyperlinks.

Earth sciences reference sites that access external sources of information are often organized as website directories. A website directory, or web directory, is a collection of links to other websites arranged in an organized structure. A good website directory will also display some information about each link within its directory structure. I consider the best example of an earth sciences reference site organized as a web directory to be Geosciences, maintained by the Utrecht University Library in The Netherlands. Geosciences is also an excellent example of a themed web directory.

Earth sciences reference sites are not always established by organizations. Some dedicated individuals with the love of a specific branch of the earth sciences build impressive reference sites. Visit Oceans of Kansas if you would like to see a superb individual effort in paleontology by Mike Everhart.

Whether you are performing research in the earth sciences for a class project or a Ph.D. dissertation, or if you simply have a natural interest in the earth sciences, earth sciences reference sites are important resources that should never be overlooked.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 20 August 2005, updated 29 July 2013.

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